Selling is an art. Unfortunately, this is not many house owners’ cup of tea. You may resort to advertising in newspapers or websites, or approach professional brokers to sell your property. In addition, you can do a few things to speed up the process. Here are some tips that may be useful to you.

Never ignore those minor repairs

The tiny little defects can cost you a lot. All those tiny defects in your otherwise beautifully maintained house might look big in the watchful eyes of the buyers. Therefore, take care and spend a little time and money to eliminate those little defects and make your house look perfect.

Clean up the house

Keep your house clean and tidy! Clean windows are very important! Pay special attention to your bathroom and kitchen - they involve personal health and hygiene, and buyers scrutinise these areas very carefully.

Clean the Exterior too

The exterior of your house should also be kept clean. Keep the garden, terrace, backyard, etc. clean, so that the buyers will have a good impression of your house. Clean up the plants or lichens on the walls, if any.

Give your rooms a bright look

Most buyers want large, bright, cheerful rooms. Highlight the window with a colourful arrangement. Colour has the power to attract.

Create spaciousness

Make your living space appear spacious by getting rid of larger, unnecessary furniture. Rearrange everything to give the room an illusion of spaciousness.

Open up your house

Keep the windows and doors of the house open, when the buyers arrive to check the property. Reach the property site before the buyers arrive. It will help you to make sure the house is ready to see. Don’t disappoint the buyer by turning up at the property site late.

Illuminate your House

You can make house showing smoother by turning on lights in every room before the prospective buyer arrives. No area of your house should be dark.

Add some pleasant background music

Music has a spiritual power. Light background music will put the buyers in a pleasant mood. Add some background music when the buyers visit the house

Keep the house documents ready for buyers scrutiny

Keep all house related documents together. Buyers may want to have a look at all the documents.

Go over the roof-top and tell I want to sell my house

Tell as many as people as possible that your house is for sale. Who knows, your neighbours and friends’ may want to buy a house. Word-of-mouth can spread fast, and get you a buyer for free!


When selling a property, you need to make a very careful planning before taking any action. If the market is fast and prices are escalating, you may have to respond quickly to offers and compete aggressively to find your next house. In a slow market, you may be forced to list your home for less and offer incentives to attract buyers.

Prepare a detailed report of the property

You are the best spokesperson of your property and thus you know it best. Write about it in such a detailed manner that it covers everything about the property- year it was built in, built up area, accommodation details, power load, water supply and other salient features need to be explained. The infrastructure details, like distance from the market, schools, hospitals, airport, railway station, bus stand, hotels etc.must be incorporated. Think about every possible question a buyer is going to ask about your property. Prepare yourself with all good points and answer to the shortcomings your property might have.

Select quality real estate consultants

You need to be very careful in choosing the real estate consultants because they are the frontline salesmen for your property. A poor real estate consultant can do more harm to your property than the benefit you may achieve with a good consultant. Check the realtor's (Consultant’s) infrastructure, experience, transaction completed and ask for some references.

The Market Methodology

What are the various methods you would like to adopt to sell your property. Is it through Private Treaty, Tender or through Auction?

Selection of any of these marketing methods will depend on the level of demand and unique features your property has.

Get Your Property Valued By Professionals

Property appreciation plays a major role in determining the worth of your property and is profitable for both buyers and sellers. To ensure a fair price, get the property valued on the following aspects like :-

  • Location
  • Condition of property
  • Prevailing rates in the area and so on

Property Presentation

Prepare a checklist of steps you need to take to present the property in an impressive way.Most of the owners pay too much attention on the exterior and living areas but miss important aspects like bathrooms and kitchens. Ensure that you replace all fuse tubelights and bulbs, apply a fresh coat of paint after doing a thorough cleaning of the house.These small things do not cost much but help in the conclusion of a successful transaction indicating the committment of the seller.

Place "For Sale" sign on the property. The sign shall also be informative for those brokers who deal actively in your locality.

A cost effective and result driven advertising campaign needs to be worked out for your property. The size of the advertisement, its placement, the timing and frequency need to be planned.Give a thought about what you want to reveal about your property, the headline, the content of advertisement etc.

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