Vastu Shastra is based on precepts laid down thousands of years ago in the Indian classics like the Puranas and Vedas. The word “Vastu” has its origin in “VASA” meaning ‘Inhabitation’ and ‘Shastra’, as Sanskrit word, equivalent to the modern concept of ‘Science’. Of human society, this successfully proves that Vastu is the concept applicable all times and in all ages. Vastu Shastra ensures optimum utilisation of material resources in accordance with the shape of the building, the dimensions, symmetry of doors and windows and amalgamation with the structures both inside and outside. Every construction namely residential house, office, factory, industry, commercial sites and business complexes will flourish and profit only by the application of Vastu principles.

The basic necessity of civilized man is shelter. Shelter not only shelters us from the nature but shapes man’s destiny into a wonderful form by bringing into symmetry the PANCH BHOOT as namely EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, and SKY.


This element is connected with survival issue. An imbalance of this element like for example a depression in the South-West, a water source in the South-West or a situation wherein the South-West corner is cut-off - can lead to a loss of control in your business, health or family.


This element is for procreation. An imbalance - like the North-East direction being raised or being cut-off - can restrict expansion plans in business (especially finances) as well as in the family.


This element is for vision and fame. An imbalance such as depression in the South-East or existence of a water source in the same direction can hinder prosperity and bring a bad name to the business and family. It can also create conflict.


This element is for feeling. An imbalance like a water source in the North-West, a depression in the North-West or the North-West direction becoming more elevated than the South-West can block the feelings of people towards you, your products and services as also increase your expenses.


This element is for internal strength. An imbalance like the centre of your establishment having a water source can cause you to loose your inner strength and your money.

According to Shastras, if we worship, revere and respect the lords of these eight directions, they will shower on us their blessings and benefits.

  • Esana i.e. Ishwar (North-east) - He grants us wisdom, knowledge and serve all comforts and relieves us from sufferings.
  • Indra (East) -He is the king of angels. He gives wealth and all pleasures of life.
  • Agni/Fire (South-east) - He gives us beautiful personality and all the best of life.
  • Yama or Yamaha (South) -He is god of death. He is subordinate of dharma. He eradicates evils and grants all good things.
  • Niruthi or Nirrti (South-west) - He vanishes fear about our enemies.
  • Varun (West) - He is god of rain. He showers his blessings through rain and brings prosperity and pleasure in life all round.
  • Vayu/Wind (North-west) - He bestows on us long life, health and strength. He is the basic of all life.
  • Kuber (North) - He is god of wealth. He grants us wealth and all comforts of life.

V - Vastu Shastra is way of
A - Attuning mankind with nature which is
S - Scientific
T - Technique of
U - Understanding
S - Supernatural power of nature to get
H - Happiness-Harmony & Health to
A - Accelerate
S - Sweetness in life which is
T - Truely
R - Rational
A - as well as accurate, accountable and auspicious.

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